Meet Amanda

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Certified Personal Trainer 
and Nutrition Coach

As a mother, teacher, surfer, and all around fitness nut...I'm happy to pass on my knowledge of how to make your life amazing! 

Here's my story! Not many years ago, I was heavy and very unhappy. I was depressed a lot, and resentful of others I deemed "better" at being healthy than me. I was sad and tired.

One day, I woke up NEEDING something different, and I went to the gym that day. A year later, I was 80 pounds lighter and a completely different woman!


I did it on my own, and it was hard! So much harder than it could've been if I asked for help. 

At the end of the day, though, I made it past my original goal and onto someone I loved being!

I want to help you love you too! Whatever your goals are, we can achieve them together!

My Vision

I want to teach the world how to value themselves beyond anything they've known before! If we feel better, we will be better! Bring on the power!!!

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